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Cloud-based phone systems
A complete communications solution that works for your business is a cloud-based telephone system that provides businesses with the advanced features of a PBX, without the associated costs and maintenance. Ultranet SA utilises your internet connection to make high-quality, low-cost calls and is packed with features, coming pre-configured and ready to use. Cloud PBX facilitates remote working and is packed full of advanced features including call and user management, conference calling and call recording. It has the potential to save your business money, improve customer satisfaction and increase workplace productivity
Why choose UltraNet SA for your business phone system?
Here are some ways your business will benefit from moving to VoIP
Have the functionality of an enterprise level phone system at a fraction of the cost.

Work on the move
Employees want to work from home or on the Bus? No problem. With VoIP, all you need is a phone and an internet connection*

Happier customers
Increase satisfaction with our intelligent routing system that helps your customers get where they need to be

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a fast and easy way to increase the number of concurrent calls you can make through one internet connection. SIP trunks remove the physical aspect of a phone line – their virtual phone lines are cloud-based and infinitely scalable.

  • Huge cost savings compared to traditional line rental
  • Call rates are 40% lower than conventional providers
  • Free SIP-to-SIP calls to anywhere in the world
  • Easy to scale up or down as your requirements change

Number Porting Services

Number porting allows you to keep your existing number when changing the provider

Our number of porting services is the facility which enables you to change service provider whilst keeping your existing telephone number(s). We port most South African geographic numbers as well as international numbers from certain destinations.

Why port your number?

Use our number porting services to keep your business number when switching provider. By porting your numbers across to us, you stand to save money online rental, calls and gain a host of new internet telephony features too. We can port your local and national as well as your international numbers.

  • Opens up a wealth of virtual number services
  • Integrate your number into VoIP technology
    Save money with VoIP

    Ensure continuity of your business

Enterprise Call Recording

Secure Call Recording Solution

Call recording is essential for companies that need to monitor and store all voice communications with their customers, especially businesses in legal, financial and insurance sectors. Recording your calls helps to provide a high-quality service to your customers while improving your internal performance.

  • Customer service - Improve customer service by using call recordings to resolve disputes
  • Call quality - Monitor quality to ensure customers and dealt with professionally
    Performance - Improve performance using call recordings to train and incentivise staff
  • Training - Develop telesales best practice by regularly reviewing calls

Call Plans & Tariffs

Make more calls for less

Create a monthly call plan to meet all your calling needs. Get a combination of minutes for calling Landline, Mobile and International destinations for a low monthly fee.

  • Stay in control of your budget with a single flat monthly fee
  • Upgrade your plan at any time to increase your minutes or destinations
    Access inbound call features such as call forwarding and voicemail

Phone Numbers

Expand your presence with our range of numbers

We have a comprehensive selection of VoIP phone numbers for you to select from. Whether it’s for business or personal use, you can find a number that fits your needs.

Phone numbers enable your business to expand into new markets at a very low cost. Numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile so you can create a local or international presence without expensive overheads. There is no limit to the amount of numbers you can purchase, making them a flexible option for growing businesses.

Minutes Packages
  Destination Base Rate
  Telkom - National R0.40
  Telkom - Local R0.40
  MTN R0.85
  Cell C R0.85
  Vodacom R0.85
  8TA R0.85
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