We offer ultra-high-speed broadband services and plan to offer a wide portfolio of enriching VAS and applications. Home Broadband services are offered over Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and microwave Internet Connectivity(MIC) networks at speeds starting 4Mbps and soaring all the way to 100 Mbps. Choices are available also.

Ultranet SA offers the advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi service in the common areas of Residential Apartment Campuses and in next-door popular markets. Residents get the added benefit of automatically connecting onto Ultranet SA Wi-Fi Zone by simply pre-registering their portable devices

Management’s hands-on approach and daily involvement ensure thatUltranet SA continuously develop new solutions and adapt the network as industry and customer demands change and technology advances. Our staff’s commitment to and love for the business ensure that you always receive exceptional and personal service


Ultranet SA strives to establish itself at the forefront of the telecommunication industry and as the preferred service provider in South Africa.
We want to have a positive influence on millions of people’s lives, including our staff, suppliers and customers.
We strive to set an example to all South Africans on how to operate a successful and sustainable business while acting with integrity and honesty

We perform as individuals, but we will only succeed as a team. Everyone makes a contribution to the Ultranet SA team effort by offering assistance and fostering a “One Team” culture. We do not blame one another, but rather work together in delivering excellent customer service by taking responsibility.


Products and Services

Ultranet SA is a Wireless Infrastructure Provider focusing on last-mile access and private network infrastructure for companies.  It’s services include
a) Managed Last-Mile Wireless in Western Cape

b) Private Network Infrastructure
c) Fully managed Indoor/Outdoor hotspot solution (incl voucher management, payment gateways, roaming, billing, etc)
d) Wireless Broadband
e) VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol
f) LTE – 3G/4G mobile communications standard
g)Fibre Internet